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What Is The 21 Day Challenge?

This is a unique challenge that's designed to help mothers all across India improve their health & fitness.

Over 8000 mothers have been engaged across Telangana and around 4000+ mothers have started this 21 Day Challenge.

With over 150+ mothers joining our community every day, this challenge is a proven model to help mothers become the best versions of themselves.

When you register for this challenge, you will receive short videos daily via Facebook Messenger with actionable assignments to help improve your health & fitness from the expert - Dr. Mani Pavitra.

With each day progressing, you will start to notice a huge difference in your mental, emotional and physical well being.

We believe that every mother deserves to be valued for all that shes does. 

If you are one, we are here to serve you. Start the challenge today!

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Our Purpose

  1. To empower women towards physical fitness

  2. To help mothers develop mental resilience and emotional stability

  3. To enable her to be financially independent

  4. Mother has a major role to play in raising next generation of kids.

Did You Know?

Nearly 70 million people – half of them women – in a population of 1.21 billion have diabetes, and the number is predicted to rise to 101 million by 2030.

A MOTHER is the powerhouse of the family. When an entire generation of mothers are affected by their own health issues & are burdened by family, how will they be able to support? This increases stress, responsibilities & health care costs. 

It's like a transformer which is diffused of its power. 

How can she influence the generations to come & contribute to the society?

The MILLION MOMS community is a holistic approach to help mothers have access to knowledge & tools which can empower moms to transform their mind, body and soul - at her own comfort.

4 Ways You Can Support This Cause

Whether you're working in a school, a college, or an office, we can help you initiate our proven 21-Day Challenge for mothers. All you need to do is speak to your authorities and get in touch with us. We will come and start the challenge.


We regularly organise LIVE events to help mothers across Hyderabad. If you would like to help us as a volunteer in our upcoming events you can register and we will contact you.

Do you have a strong network of mothers? Do you want help add value to all of them? Then you can invite us to come and speak to your group of mothers. This will be the best gift you can give back to your community. We can also come into housing communities & apartment complexes (in Hyderabad).

4. CONTRIBUTE FUNDS (for outreach purposes)

We are currently spending Rs.1000 per mother in our outreach efforts. This includes spends in social media marketing, event promotions, event production and other operational costs. By you graciously contributing, we would be able to exclusively use your funds to reach out to more mothers & impact many more families. 

Advisory Board

Below are eminent personalities and celebrities on our advisory board  

Our mission is to empower a million mothers to live a better quality lifestyle - in terms of health, abundance and joy. To bring back the true value of motherhood.

Signature Programs For Moms

MOMS HEALTH SPLASH - “Moms’ health Splash” is a combination of Food and Fun events and will feature Dr. Mani Pavitra’s “Water+Yoga = Woga” session. The idea behind the event is to bring in a behavioural change in the entire family about the health and fitness needs of the mother, through fun family sessions.

MOMS DAY OUT - We organise Yoga Session, Dance aerobics, innovative Health & Fitness based games, in an exclusive community space. The idea behind the event is to de-stress Moms and bring in a behavioural change about the health and fitness needs of the mother, through these sessions.

21 DAY CHALLENGE - Science says that it would take 21 days for any work to become a habit. So, we bring you simple and fun tasks that transform the mind, body and soul to be taken up for 21 days and then share your experiences online to inspire more moms to take it up too.


Dr. Mani Pavitra is the founder and visionary behind the concept ‘Million Moms’.

Coming from an illustrious background in the field of health and wellness of mothers, she has helped hundreds of mothers regain their physical and mental strength through her proven methodologies.

As an award winning and acclaimed speaker & coach Pavitra has traveled all across globe, taking ideas from various places to help Indian mothers live a better quality lifestyle.

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